Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Creatures in the murky dark inside me,

billowing around--gray jellyfish

swimming my middle. They want edges

more defined than this goo. 

Memories like baby babble--the stories 

don't make sense; they're doused in my father's

drink. One's floating my heart right now--

jamming it up. Another's in my knee-joint, 

keeping me from moving forward. 

I ask the doctor for a monster

extraction, and she puts a mirror to my face; 

that's her way to examine. In my green eyes

two tiny beings whom I remember and with whom

I plead to release me

into me. I pinch myself to find

a way in, to remember my skin is mine--not theirs

and not his. This skin isn't thin

and my bruises are few. The spots that are purple

and blue are beautiful--scatterings of twilight

sky, tiny galaxies. 

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